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Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson, P.A. Portland ME Legal Services
Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson is a New England-based law firm that advises clients from across the U.S. and around the world in a variety of industries. Our experienced, interdisciplinary energy practice helps clients navigate every part of energy generation and distribution. In addition, our land use and environmental practice helps guide our client whether you're a developer, municipality, or individual; through local, state, and federal environmental and land use laws. We provide world-class legal counsel and strategic, cost-effective solutions to best serve our clients and communities.
Bournakel Consulting Portland ME Legal Services
Bournakel Consulting provides market research, regulatory analysis, and outreach services to businesses and entities of all types, with a particular interest in renewable energy companies and initiatives
Curtis Thaxter, LLC Portland ME Legal Services
Curtis Thaxter provides first-class, affordable legal services in Maine. Curtis Thaxter also represents electric utilities, project developers and telecommunications clients with operations throughout the United States and Canada on organization, regulatory approval, acquisition, financing and operational matters. Legal services include: Alternative Dispute Resolution Employment Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Estate Planning and Probate General Business, Corporate and Finance Government Affairs and Public Policy Healthcare Litigation and Administrative Law Real Estate Trademark and Copyright
Eaton Peabody Augusta ME Legal Services
Eaton Peabody is a Maine-based law firm with more than 40 attorneys serving New England and Atlantic Canada. Eaton Peabody's environmental and land use practice provides a range of legal services to private and municipal clients in state, federal, and municipal environmental and land use matters. Eaton Peabody also offers an experienced team of attorneys for issues relating to natural resources and timberlands.
Lee International Business Development Westbrook ME Environmental Consulting, Financial/Investments, Legal Services, Energy Market Services
Lee International provides legal, regulatory and advisory services to clients around the world to help them mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. We work with public, private and governmental entities to assess, develop and implement climate change projects, programs and policies. Our work includes: destroying landfill methane expanding weatherization promoting renewable energy introducing energy efficient cookstoves monetizing GHG reductions evaluating coastal resiliency policies
Opticliff Law Portland ME Legal Services
Opticliff Law provides legal services in: Business Law, Trademark and Copyright Law, Startup Law, Technology and Internet Law, and Estate Planning Law.
Pemco & Co. Southport ME Legal Services, Energy Market Services
Pemco & Co., LLC, an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner, invests in commercial energy efficiency by providing clients full service solutions with no upfront costs. Pemco’s Energy Investment Program brings together clients looking to save energy dollars and the people who can design, install and monitor the solutions. Pemco pays 100 percent of the upfront costs to make solutions reality. Clients like commercial property owners and auto dealerships work with Pemco Network Partners – contractors, engineers and energy consultants – to customize a scope of improvements to reduce energy use and costs. Pemco finances the project and is repaid over an average of five years from a portion of the energy dollars saved. Pemco also maintains the project during the term of the agreement.
Perkins Thompson Portland ME Legal Services
Perkins Thomas is a firm serving Portland in Administrative Law, Admiralty and Maritime Law and Advertising Law cases.
Pierce Atwood LLP Portland ME Legal Services
Pierce Atwood's renewable energy attorneys help our clients navigate and comply with federal and state regulations, manage the cost of energy supplies, hedge energy market risks, develop and permit clean energy resources, or expand transmission and pipeline infrastructure to meet regional reliability needs. Our clients include regulated electric utilities, gas utilities, pipelines, state governments and regulators, producers, buyers and sellers of electricity and natural gas, hydropower facilities, independent power developers and energy marketers in virtually all aspects of utility regulation, energy project development, energy procurement, mergers and acquisitions, risk management and smart grid implementation.
Preti, Flaherty, Beliveau & Pachios, LLP Portland ME Legal Services
Our firm has experience working on the full range of maritime and marine project development. Our experience ranges from lead counsel on $1 billion liquified natural gas (LNG) facility to shorefront development projects, such as marinas.

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